Roll of Honour

I must mention the friends and enthusiasts whose obsessions, knowledge and musical recommendations have contributed so much to my enjoyment of the world’s greatest art form and without whom this website could not have existed:-

Jan Barker
Steve Barrow
John Broven
Greg Burgess
Garry Cape
Emil Ceska
David Cole
The late Randy Cozens
Tom de Jong
Rod Dearlove
Bob Fisher
John Glassburner
Martin Goggin
Mike Gray
Steve Guanori
Kevin Kiley
John Lias
John McGuigan
Paul Mooney
Yoni Neeman
Pete Nickols
Brian Pearson
Katsuaki Sano
Joe Sperry
Matt Starr
Dickie Tapp
Harry van Vliet
Yass Yamaguchi
Naoya Yamauchi

Also honourable “tips of the hat” to the key record dealers whose attempts to bankrupt me haven’t gone unnoticed:-

John Anderson
Ralph Barton
Barry Soltz

The discographies here are based on my own record collection, but checking/amendments have been carried out using a variety of online sites (see Links), and other sources including these publications:-

R & B Indies
Blues Records
Mega Guide

But especially the 3 volumes of the Soul Encyclopaedia so far published by Yutaka Sakurai. This monumental effort is by far the most comprehensive effort yet made to provide a listing of soul vinyl – but due to it’s limited circulation and publishing history Yutaka’s unremitting attention to detail hasn’t received the honour it’s due. According to my Japanese friends due to the author's ill health it now looks very unlikely that that the final volume of this great work will ever be published.

Special thanks to Pete Nickols for efforts above and beyond.

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