Johnny Angel

Are you sure you want to give me your love - WATCH 1704This one could be a bit of a mystery. There was a Johnny Angel active in New Orleans in the late 50s cutting a cracking rock 'n' roll 45 for Vin who was in fact the highly regarded rockabilly artist Jimmy Lee Faurtheree. But I'm pretty sure this Angel is a different artist altogether. The writer's credit on the label is "John Angel Lewis Jr" and his vocals sound completely different to me.

In any event ListenAre You Sure You Want To Give Me Your Love is a wonderfully tuneful Crescent City ballad with Angel's high baritone skating over the melody with a tone as smooth as silk. The fine production is by Louisiana music man Traci Borges, best known as the owner of the Knight studio in Metairie, LA who leased this one to Henry Hildebrand and Joe Assunto's Watch concern.  Borges also cut this song on Lonnie Robinson.



ListenAre you sure you want to give me your love / Stone out of my mind ~ WATCH 1704/5 (1974)


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