Vic Anderson


Vic Anderson

This 45 is a strange one. From the first time Anderson opens his mouth you can tell he's a man with a strong demonstrative tone and hi grade power. Lovely gruff pitch too. But on looking at the 45 the label states that ListenIf It's All I Can Have was "recorded in Europe" and the publishing is given as "1972 disques Vogue" which obviously implies a French origin. Not too many 45s from that country have made it on to these pages but this one certainly qualifies. Not too sure about the rock guitar intro but it doesn't alter the fact that this is super fine deep soul. The flip isn't a version of the Otis Redding song.I don't know of any other 45s by this artist.

If it's all I can have - MCA 40036UPDATE ~ My great friend Greg Burgess has written to say that "If Its All I Have" is an English version of a French tune called "Adieu Jolie Candy" which came out on Disques Vigue 4078. He has aslo found another 45 by Vic Anderson - ListenBack Into My Heart Again / "Rock 'N Twist" (Disques Vogue 4284). While the flip is as bad as the title would suggest the top side is another fine emotive ballad, with a very strong melody and some hard hitting vocals. Very nice indeed.



ListenIf it's all I can have / Chained and bound ~ MCA 40036 (US 1973)
ListenBack into my heart again / Rock 'n twist ~ DISQUES VOGUE 4282 (1973)

I'm really grateful to Greg Burgess as always for his research and enthusiasm.

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