It's so wonderful - CORAL 62449 Carl Bell

As far as I’m aware this gospel drenched ballad is Carl Bell’s only secular recording but it’s hard to believe he didn’t cut some religious sides so fine is his voice. He possessed a lovely clear tone and an excellent feel for the beat especially in the last 30 seconds or so. The musicians – particularly the super organist – get the job done really well. A very good big city side.

UPDATE ~ Davie Gordon writes to remind me of another Carl Bell 45 on Mohawk. At frist - relying on memory like an idiot - I thought it was a different artist. But when I dug it out and listened to it again it is the same artist, even though the tracks are nowhere as good as the Coral. So I've added the 45 to the discography. I'm grateful to Davie as ever for the reminder - and for being right as always.


Let;s leave it that way / The greatest treasure ~ MOHAWK 117 (1960)
ListenIt’s so wonderful (the message of music)
/ Honest I do ~ CORAL 62449 (1965)


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