You can't take it with you - LOU-NEITA 0207


The Bishop


Lou-Neita was based in East Point GA and in addition to country music there were some really fine soul 45 issued as well from the likes of Gina Hill and Thelma Wilson. But I think the The Bishop's You Can't Take It With You may just be the best of them all. Gruff throaty and full of power his vocal here is just what the doctor ordered the epitome of southern soul singing. And you can certainly tell how he got his stage name - there's some serious gospel flourishes here. The chord changes of his self penned tune are fine as well - and the female singers chime in just beautifully. And of course the lyric is unanswerable! Sadly the Bishop's other 45 is nowhere up to this standard.

Billboard ad for The Bishop LPUPDATE ~ Bosko Asanovic has kindly reminded me of a gospel album entitled "Phone Call From Heaven" on Michal MR-249-SI on which an artist called "The Bishop" has a couple of tracks - the title one and "Trouble of this world". Does anybody know if this is the same guy?

FURTHER UPDATE ~ In a fine display of detective work Pete Nickols has found this Billboard ad from August 1970 indicating the release of an LP by The Bishop. Nobody I've been in contact with has ever seen this album however - does it really exist?



You can't take it with you / Minnie skirt Minnie ~ LOU-NEITA 0207 (late 60s)
Roll over Beethoven / Folsom Prison Blues ~ LOU-NEITA 0211 (late 60s)
You can't take it with you / Roll over Beethoven ~ MINNIE 1522 (late 60s)
Minnie skirt Minnie / Honky tonk woman ~ MINNIE 1971 (1971?)



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