Buddy Cantrell

From Atlanta’s fabled Tuska label comes this extremely well sought after disc that fetches well into four figures whenever a copy turns up for sale. Why Did You Leave Me is a dead slow deep piece of great power and impact, with Cantrell feeling the pain over a female chorus chanting the refrain over and over. When the horns add weight the song really comes alive, and the way it finishes on the bridge works very well. The funk flip is better than average.

Buddy Cantrell Why did you leave me - TUSKA 104



Why did you leave me / You ain't no good ~ TUSKA 104

Thanks to my friend Emil for tipping me on to this one.

UPDATE ~ The lovely picture of Mr Cantrell comes from his mother to whom I'm very grateful. The intermediary was Eothan Alapatt who is currently preparing an anthology of Richard Marks' recordings. This exciting news is announced here.

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