Sweet words - KRIS 8086


Fay Cooper

Mel Alexander’s West Coast group of labels headed by Kris had some really fine records on it – such as those by Cookie Jackson, Lee Harvey and the bluesy Barbara Moore. But the tracks cut by the little known Fay Cooper can match those for quality. She came from Houston, TX and was managed by her husband who took her and a few songs to Mel in the early 70s. All four of her tracks are hard soul thanks to Fay’s tough no nonsense vocals and the southern styled throw back productions. The funky “Closer Together” and “Don’t Hang Yourself (Talk Too Much)” are pretty well celebrated but the best of her efforts was ListenSweet Words. This slow blues ballad has something of the Esther Phillips about it, not just in the was Fay shapes her words but also in the piano/horn arrangement. But whatever the influences it certainly hits home.



ListenSweet words / Closer together ~ KRIS 8086 (1971/2)
Don’t hang yourself (talk too much / Some folks do – others don’t ~ KRIS 8089 (1973)


Note ~ "Don't hang yourself (talk too much)" can be found on the Kent UK CD "Los Angeles Showcase Of Soul".

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