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With her backing group “The Product Of Time” Sharen Clark recorded a couple of sessions in Memphis under the direction of the multi talented Jack Of All Trades music man Gene “Bowlegs” Miller. The Yodi label was based in East St Louis. The top side of the first 45 ListenI’m Not Afraid Of Love is a tasty  uptown ballad with Sharen’s big voiced performance really well suited to the mood. The flip ListenMama Didn't Lie is a rousing piece of southern soul with a nice touch or two of Memphis funk which I really like. As a good hornman Miller and the myriad arrangers of the side “Matthews & Young Disciples & Co” have included a really big brass/reeds section. Lovely.

The second Yodi 45 also contained another love song “That’s A Good Reason” on which Sharen is again very forceful, with some very fine backup male harmonies. I don’t think the melody is quite as good as “I’m Not Afraid Of Love” although the extra oomph given the track by the quicker tempo of the production makes up for this. The feel of the track reminds me of some of Tower Of Power’s Memphis tracks from around the same time.

Her final 45 for Penthouse “Don’t Push My Love Cup Aside” is another ballad of considerable class but perhaps a bit too sweet for this website. You can find an interesting article on Sharon (sic) here.

I'm not afraid of love - APT 26009 Mama didn't lie - YODI 1000




ListenI’m not afraid of love / ListenMama don’t lie (sho came true) ~ YODI 1000 / APT 26009 (1971)
That’s a good reason / It’s not your business ~ YODI 1006 (1972)


Don’t push my love cup aside / Was I Really made for you ~ PENTHOUSE 1003 (mid 70s)


Note ~ You can find "I'm not afraid of love", "It's not your business"and "That's a good reason" on the Numero Uno CD "The Young Disciples.

Thanks to my great frind Greg Burgess for extra info and the fine pic.

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