Hiding in darkness - JUCA 1034/5

Al Danner

The tiny Juca label was out of West Memphis, AR just across the Mississippi from the much bigger “real” Memphis, and this 45 and the excellent one by John Baldwin are the only two releases that I’d really recommend. While the uptempo, slightly funky “You Are My Happiness” has forced the price of this one very high in recent times, by far the better side is the ballad ListenHiding In Darkness. Taken at just below mid tempo this well arranged song features a strong gospel drenched vocal from Mr Danner and some nice chord changes.

UPDATE ~ My friend Greg Burgess has come up with some more tantalising info on Al Danner - "he was born in Brooklyn and headed south to Walterboro, South Carolina. He was marketed as 'Little Al' during his brief spell in secular music and compared to Al Green. He crossed over to the church and is now known as Elder Donald Danner." As ever I'm grateful to Greg for his wonderful detective work.



You are my happiness / ListenHiding in darkness ~ JUCA 1034/5 (1974?)
Sweet loven daddy / Do you need loven ~ GOLDEN STABLE 5687 (1987?)


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