Tell the truth - SALEM 21665


Benny Davis

Chicago’s Salem label included more than a few class sides. Apart from Big Ella’s there are also 45s by Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis, Charles McNair and Bettye Jean Plummer (Jean Plum) that are well worth exploring. And there is this gem which has been hidden for far too long. At first it seems as though Davis is coming in rather quiet in ListenTell The Truth over some riffing guitar and braying horns but checkout the underlying tension – it's only really evident in the occasional phrase. Pressure cooker style Chicago hard soul at its best. The uptempo R & B flip “Nothing But Love”, based on the “Hi Heel Sneakers” pattern, is pretty good too.



ListenTell the truth / Nothing but love ~ SALEM 21665 (1965)


Little Benny "Dog" Davis


UPDATE ~ My friend Michel has kindly sent this picture of Little Benny "Dog" Davis - could this be the same artist? I'm grateful to Michel anyway.

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