I'm leaving you in Jody's hands - METROLINA SOUL 1001


Tyree Davis

I’m Leaving You In Jody’s Hands is a fine piece of uptempo southern soul featuring a lively vocal from Tyree Davis. He says he's roamed all the way from Alabama in the song but he made his way to Charlotte, NC to cut this at Reflection Sound Studio. I don't know of any other discs from this artist and I don’t know of any other discs on Metrolina Soul except this either But the top side merits a much wider audience than those able or willing to pay the very high price the 45 currently fetches.

Big X who leads the band on both sides of the 45s and wrote them was Exodus Rogers.



I'm leaving you in Jody's hands / Do the click-clack ~ METROLINA SOUL 1001 (early 70s?)


Note ~  “I’m Leaving You In Jody’s Hands” can be found on the Grapevine 2000 CD "Carolina Soul Survey".

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