Darling I love you - JCP 1010



This is a really obscure 45 from Raleigh, NC on the JCP label which was basically a custom label used mainly by garage groups. Soul releases on it are few and far between but I do like this one. The “low fi” production is pretty raw – crude even – but that only adds to the enjoyment. The singer is powerful and direct and the rhythm section, augmented by a wandering tenor sax, gets going rather well. Writer Chuck Wells had an obscure 45 on Goldleaf which is well worth investigating. This track here reminds me a bit of the 45 by OC & The Originals also from the Carolinas.



ListenDarling I love you / Big thing ~ JCP 1010 (mid 60s)


Thanks to Jason Perlmutter (see Links) for the suggestion and some helpful info.

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