Too late for tears - TIFTON 209


George Finley

I presume George Finley came from Newark, NJ judging by the location of the labels that released his great deep 45 ListenToo Late For Tears. This features a roaring vocal performance from the man over a wonderful rhythm section and chanting female chorus – the swirling organ fills are particularly effective. Yet another little label winner to search out.

Given the fact that this is distributed by Ambassador and that the release on that label gives a “TIF 209” number I would suppose that the Tifton 45 was the original issue.



ListenToo late for tears / Bronco ~ TIFTON 209 / AMBASSADOR 209 (1966)  
In every woman (There’s a song) / I the poor ~ URBAN AMERICAN 4116 (as GEORGE BRUCE FINLEY)


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