Gloria Fowler

Chicago record man Carl Jones owned the long-lived and prolific CJ label which had some very interesting 45s on it from the class blues of Earl Hooker and Lee Jackson to gospel, soul and everything else in between. I would think that Betty Everett would be the most famous of his singers but he did issue some other great 45s on lesser known artsits like Al Perkins, Hayes Ware as well as himself. One of the best of these more obscure singers was Gloria Fowler whose only 45 for the company is a very good double sided effort which is definitely from the harder side of Windy City music.

The lively uptempo mover “Will You Be My Guy” has attracted the attention of some DJs but as ever I much prefer the ballad flip ListenTrain Of Love. This minor keyed slowie features a hard hitting demonstrative vocal from Ms Fowler over a good rhythm section and it comes complete with some slightly out tune horns. One of CJ’s oddities is the frequent absence of writers credits so it’s impossible to say who penned this one.

Note ~ You will find in several places on the internet, including Wiki, that Gloria Fowler is actually Gloria Gaynor making a very early 45. I think that anybody listening to the two artists, particularly Gloria's real first 45 on Jocida, that they do not sound remotely like the same singer. I think that the fact that Gaynor's true name is Fowles has made some people put two and two together and made five - a mistake I'm afraid. Gloria Fowler is not Gloria Fowles (Gaynor).


Will you be my guy / ListenTrain of love  ~ CJ 654 (mid 60s)


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