He's down on me - CRACKERJACK 4018


Betty Green

Another big voiced New York singer, Betty Green had a couple of releases of which the strong blues ballad He's Down On Me is the pick. There's more than a hint of Bobby Bland's immortal "I'll Take Care Of You" in the chord changes and in the organ that weaves it's way behind Betty but her voice is confident and powerful enough to overcome this. And anyway a touch of Bland in a song isn't anything to be ashamed of - a tribute to the master bluesman in fact. I'm not too sure about the flute - a horn section would have been preferable I think but the whole track is one that grows on you with every play. No wonder it was issued twice.

Don't play with my heart - CLARA 64002Betty's second Clara 45 had as the B side a highly charged ballad titled Don't Play With My Heart which came straight from the church. Check out the pianist and the female chorus for example, as well as Betty's hard lead. Only the guitarist seems to have remembered that this was a secular recording, playing some tasty blues licks. The top side is a fine uptempo R & B romp. Recommended.


He's down on me / Lonely girl ~ CLARA 111 / CRACKERJACK 4018 (1964)
It's me that you need / Don't play with my heart ~ CLARA 4002 / CRACKERJACK 64002 (1964?)


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