I can't say I love you - SURE STAR 5001


Lanny Hunt

Lanny Hunt formed the Majestics (later called the The Fabulous Majestics) in Portland, OR around 1964 and they were the area’s first integrated band. This 45 was to be their first recording but I Can't Say I Love You has a lot going for it. The gentle cooing of the chorus and some fine organ playing for starters – but the best part is Lanny Hunt’s vocal. Sometimes gentle and sometimes gritty his tenor vocal is always spot on for timing. His screams and howls go a long way towards making up for the almost dirge like chord repetitions of the song.

Hunt moved on to Oregon in the 70s.



Over easy / I can't say I love you ~ SURE STAR 5001 (1964)
Stay / Susie Q ~ PANORAMA 42


Dream on / Somrthin' else ~ SANDE 102 (70s)


Notes :-

1. You can read more about the band and their membership here.

2. Thanks to Bob Abrahamian for the Panorama and Sande 45s info. He very kindly sent MP3s of the Sande 45 as well.


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