I wanna weep - MONA 7001

Ola V Harper

Ola V Harper only seems to have had this one 45 released which is a shame as her big voice carried enough power and passion to have merited further recordings. On the fine beat ballad penned and produced by bluesman Peppermint Harris ListenI Wanna Weep she is most effective - clearly she wasn’t afraid to let it rip generating a fair amount of emotion from the song. Some dance fans have started to pick up on this number showing that their tastes aren't all bad.

The local issue of this cut has a Houston, TX address so that was maybe where she came from.

UPDATE ~ My great friend Michel has pointed me in the direction of Blues & Rhythm no. 222 which features an interview with Johnny Copeland by Norman Darwin in which Johnny mentions working with Ola Harper in Texas. Could he be invloved in this disc? Although he isn't mentioned on the label he could be - is that him on the guitar?


ListenI wanna weep / Resisting ~ MONA 7001 / JEWEL 797 (1968)


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