Rose Hargrove

Rose Hargrove’s first record came from Kentucky so she may have been local. In any event this is rough tough music with Rose’s wracked tones and tortured shrieks sounding just right. Think juke joint Big Maybelle or early Etta James and you’ll get the picture. ListenWhy Am I Losing You is forceful uptempo R & B while “Once A Day” is a more restrained ballad with hints of doo-wop in the chord changes. Judging by the feel of the record I’d say we’re talking early 60s here.

The only other disc that I’m aware she cut is the super deep blue sound of ListenSomebody’s Gotta Give. Although this may be a few years later there is the same crude production and very rough edges. Muscle Shoals or Memphis this certainly isn’t. And yet the energy of Rose’s performance and her hi-octane untutored vocal style make this a real winner.

Once a day - AFCO 523 Somebody's gotta give - HELL'S 484


Once a day / ListenWhy am I losing you ~ AFCO 523
Knocked down kicked around / ListenSomebody's gotta give ~ HELL'S 484



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