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Jarvis Jackson


Jarvis Jackson started his career under the name Gay Meadows, and was the first artist that Atlanta record man Bill Haney cut for his own Chant label. In fact they had met when  Meadows hitched a lift from him outside Bill Lowery’s NRC studios in 1962. Although “Frozen Love” generated some action thanks to help from the ubiquitous John R at WLAC, the flip ListenOnly One with its simple arrangement and careful vocal seems to have lasted better. Haney leased the disc to Harold Lipsius at Jamie records in Philly and it was reissued as Guyden 2088 without getting any chart action.


Only one - CHANT 501As part of his desire to move into the new soul era, Meadows became Jarvis Jackson and he stayed with Haney for a few more 45s. These included a version of Arthur Alexander’s “Old John Amos”, which was leased to Art Talmadge for release on Musicor, and two singles leased out to Russell Sims. The pick of this material was undoubtedly the deep ListenSomething I  Never Had with it’s wonderful guitar licks, and subdued organ over which Jackson really cuts loose. When the horns finally come in the effect is exhilarating. The rhythm track was so powerful that Haney used it for other artist too, including Randolph Walker and Jerry Wooodard.


Jackson cut a wealth of material for Haney in the 60s, the best of which found their way onto CDs in the 90s. The derivative “We Got Love” swings nicely, and the frantic “Show Me” is even stronger. But the best of the bunch is the understated ballad ListenMy Love Is True which gives a much better view of Jackson’s gospel tones.

Something I never had - SIMS 291 Ole John Amos - MUSICOR 1124



Frozen love /ListenOnly one ~ CHANT 501 / GUYDEN 2088 (as GAY MEADOWS) (1962)
Louise / Ole John Amos ~ MUSICOR 1124
ListenSomething I never had / The long John ~ SIMS 291 (also issued with “The Long Dog” as the flip) (1966)
What you don't know / Show me ~ SIMS 312 (1967)


Note ~ “Something I Never Had”, “Frozen Love” and “What You Don’t Know” can be found on the Kent UK CD “Bill Haney’s Atlanta Soul Brotherhood Vol 1” (CDKEND 159) and “You Got Love”, “Show Me”, “My Love Is True” and “Only One” on Vol 2 (CDKEND 172).


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