Nia Johnson

From the location of her two 45s, I would assume that Nia Johnson came from Washington, DC but info about this excellent vocalist is scarce unfortunately. However both of her discs have much to enjoy and they are unreservedly recommended.

Nia’s first Main Line release was a delicious sweet ballad ListenYou Are The Spice Of My Life, a super change from the disco fury that dominated soul music in 1976. Backed by a full orchestra Nia floats above the melody quite beautifully, helped by a well arranged female chorus. No wonder Mainstream picked it up for national distribution - this is what 70s soul is really all about. On the back of the subtle dancer “I’ll Be Your Pleasure” is Nia’s second ballad ListenI’ll Get Along. This melodic slice of orchestral soul is illuminated by her superbly well-modulated vocal, full of delicate touches and a lovely sense of dynamics. Another real winner.

But sadly this was to be Nia’s final release so far.


ListenYou are the spice of my life / Plain out of luck ~ MAIN LINE 4646 / MAINSTREAM 5583 (1976)
I’ll be your pleasure / ListenI’ll get along ~ MAIN LINE 4789 (1977)


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