Bobby Lee

Bobby Lee was “discovered” by New York writer/producer Tom DeCillis who recorded sessions with him at the city’s Jay-Gee studios. He leased the results out to Juggy Murray’s Sue concern and right off the bat they had a chart hit. The easy swaying “I Was Born A Loser” was more about the rhythm and melody than Lee’s vocal, although the early use of double tracking his voice works well. This 45 and its follow up were amongst the very last records that came out on Sue, and the tasteful uptown ballad ListenI’m Not Afraid got lost. A pity as it really brought out Lee’s emotional strength.

DeCillis and Lee tried again with a final 45 for Port. ListenI’m Just A Man is probably their most potent track, full of good things like the swirling organ, and “burping” trombone/baritone sax combination, and a first class vocal performance from Bobby Lee.

I'm not afraid - SUE 145 I'm just a man _ PORT 3022



I was born a loser / My luck is bound to change ~ SUE 144 (1966)
I missed it by that much / ListenI’m not afraid ~ SUE 145 (1966)
ListenI’m just a man / Cut you loose ~ PORT 3022 (1967)



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