Fredde Lowe

New York singer Fredde Lowe had a big, evocative voice with a fine sense of timing and terrific dynamic talent. Her two 45s for Polydor have been overlooked for too long. The first featured ListenI’ve Got To Find Someone To Love, a Bobby Byrd beat ballad in waltz time which highlights a really hard hitting Lowe performance, full of anguish and pain. “We Ain’t As Tight As We Used To Be” is a more straightforward big city ballad but it lacks the melodic appeal of the other side of the 45. The second single had more super Lowe vocals but neither the upbeat “A Feeling Of Love” nor a Terrell/Dahrouge slowie “I’m Slowly Losing My Mind” quite match the impact of the intial release.

What seems to have been her final 45, the eagerly sought after “Decisions”, is far too discofied for my taste despite yet another gritty vocal.

UPDATE ~ David Cole has kindly written to say that he has another version of "Ive Got To Find Somebody To Love" by Jerry Fisher & the Nightbeats - it's more of a northern soul record than a ballad and that isn't credited to Bobby Byrd at all. I have to say I'm rather suspicious of the credit to Byrd on the Fredde Lowe 45 as I can't find any recording by that name by Byrd himslef - and the song has all the feel of a Terrell/Dahrouge slowie.


We ain’t as tight as we used to be / ListenI’ve got to find someone to love ~ POLYDOR 14145 (1972)
I’m slowly losing my mind / A feeling of love ~ POLYDOR 14150 (1972)
Decisions / Decisions (short version) ~ SIROCCO 1003 (1977)


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