Ken McDaniel

The small LA based Tide records was started way back in the late 50s by a very determined lady called Ruth Stratchborneo, with assistance from another formidable woman called Cathy Saunders. With a break from around 1966 for a decade, the label was restarted in the later 70s. Much of the label’s output was rock ‘n’ roll and pop but there were some Afro-American music, particularly in the early days.

But on the resumption of business, pretty much all the music they made was soul. Much of it via a three piece girl group called Third Point who recorded a strong ballad called ListenPoor Boy. This song was covered by Ken McDaniel who made a really good job of it, using his high tenor and falsetto ranges to really good effect. There’s not many 45s from the 80s in these pages but to me this track is exceptional and fully warrants its place here.


ListenPoor boy / Wild blood ~ TIDE 8888 (1982)  


Don't give up / Man collector ~ TIDE 12" 1891 (1983)


Note ~ You can read about Ruth Stratchborneo and Tide records here. The article mentions a version of "Ali Shuffle" by Ken McDaniel - does anybody have details fo this release?

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