Roosevelt Matthews

The web is littered with playlists including one or the other of Roosevelt’s desperately wanted King 45 – either the funk “Tighten Up” or the slow midpaced Northern ListenYou Got Me Diggin’ You which I've got quite a soft spot for – and which I’ve uploaded if you want to hear what all the fuss is about.  Matthews' strong baritone comes across well and the backing by the Upsetters, for whom he fronted as lead singer, is well judged. Although Billy Ball’s group were based in Indianapolis all their discs were cut in Nashville. ListenCome On Home slows the pace down from the uptempo numbers which featured prominently in their dynamic stage act, and is a worthy deep ballad.

UPDATE ~ Matthews turns out to be one half of Chuck & Mac, the duo who had such fine discs on Ruby and Twinight. The other member was Aubrey Wallace. You can check out their recordings here.

You got me digging you - KING 6173 Come on home - SBI 517



ListenYou got me diggin' you /Tighten up /   ~ KING 6173 (1968)
ListenCome on home / African suspense ~ SBI 517 (late 60s)

Notes ~

 1. “You Got Me Diggin' You” is on the Ace UK CD “King Northern Soul Vol 1” (CDKEND 185) in an slightly abbreviated version from the 45.

2. There is an interesting interview with Billy Ball here.

3. I'm very grateful to the individuals who wroteo to me with info on Matthews' involvement with Chick & Mac - Dylan Czabaniuk, Bosko Asanovic, Bob Abrahamian and Dante Carfagna.



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