Matt "Ti" Mattison

This 45 is said by those who know to come from Texas – and I don’t think I would argue with that. While “Don’t Make Me Cry” has had some DJ plays, I much prefer the slower ListenPlease Don’t. This is pretty clearly based on Brother James’ “Please Please Please” of course- not just in the song but also in the way Mattison phrases the lyric and even in his tone. Well I don’t hold that against him – there are far worse artists to be influenced by – and in any case his exuberant vocals come across really well. I’ve no idea how this came to be reissued on Bobby Robinson’s Enjoy label – and this one may just be the rarer of the two.

Please don't - EBONY 1000 Don't make me cry - ENJOY 1012



Don’t make me cry / ListenPlease don’t ~ EBONY 1000 / ENJOY 1012 (1963)


Note ~ The Ebony 45 was also released as by Matt Ti Madison.


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