All my freinds call me a fool - SOUND OF SOUL 205/6


Nobody's Child

This may be a bit smooth for some fans – not many tracks recommended here have quite such a prominent flute – but the song and the vocals are simply far too good to let that get in the way. Although you might think that Nobody’s Child would be a group, ListenAll My Friends Call Me A Fool is a fine solo performance, full of power and lovely gospel flourishes. The downbeat song is beautifully played by the MSSS crew especially Barry Beckett making the whole listening experience a delight.
Various version of the backing track were also used by other vocalists in August Moon’s stable including Dickie Wonder and Larry Saunders but this is the best cut I believe. The track to the strong uptempo flip was similarly vocalised on more than a couple of occasions.



ListenAll my friends call me a fool / Geraldine Jones ~ SOUND OF SOUL 205/6


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