I confess - STAR FIRE 19671


Wess Oliver

This is the only disc that Oliver ever cut – but what a beauty it is. Over a plodding electric piano, and fine bass line he admits his guilt with sobbing emotion, almost breaking down towards the end as he screams his contrition. The horns, subdued at first, echo his pain as they come right forward in the mix, bringing the song to a fierce climax. There are no frills like background singers here, they’re not needed, this is direct music, as deep as you can get. I’ve no idea of recording location, but the label suggests a date of 1967 and that sounds about right as naked emotion like this didn’t have a long sell by date – a couple of years later and it had all but disappeared from view.



ListenI confess / Keep the faith ~ STAR FIRE 19671 (1967)


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