Marvin Preyer

Marvin Preyer recorded at Larry Rogers’ Lyn-Lou studios in Memphis and all the discs that were released as a result have long been help in the highest regard by deep soul fans. ListenWhat Can I Call My Own first appeared on the tiny Younger label, and it’s stark simplicity never fails to hit home. Timeless.

If that 45 was good, ListenDon’t Stop Loving Me This Time was even better, featuring some superbly subtle Memphis guitar fills and a classic horn section. All these tracks were leased to Wand as part of a deal that also included a couple of releases by co-producer, sax session man Joe Arnold. The previously unissued ListenYou Don’t Have To Be Crazy To Love Her is another country soul gem. I don’t think you could have too much of Preyer’s crying vocals.

What can I call my own - YOUNGER 51345 Don't stop loving me this time - WAND 1181



ListenWhat can I call my own / It's coming to me ~ YOUNGER 51345/ WAND 1173 (1968)
ListenDon't stop loving me this time / Climbing up to love ~ WAND 1181 (1968)


Notes ~

1. All three great deep tracks are available on the Ace UK CD “When A Man Cries” (CDKEND 176)

2. Although he isn’t credited with the song, there is a demo of “What Can I Call My Own” sung by Dan Penn. Lovely!

UPDATE ~ I'm delighted to say that Larry Rogers, who recorded Marvin Preyer on his own Younger label, has been in touch. He recalls "Marvin was a high school student in Memphis that I had found.   I was just out of college and that was about the third song that I had written. Marvin was in High School at the time and you could already tell he was going to make something of himself.   Ironically, only recently I started trying to locate him, and I found his name Dr. Marvin Preyer, as pastor of the Georgia Ave. Baptist Church in Memphis.   I kept looking and it appears that he has passed.   If you can find out if that is true that would be nice.   He was a great looking boy, and very personable." Larry also comments that Clarence Nelson was the guitarist on the session - and he may well have been present on Dan Penn's demo of the song, which probably came after the Preyer cut and was most likely a guide vocal cut at Lyn-Lou for James Carr when he recorded "What can I call my own". I'm very grateful to Larry for his fascinating reminiscences.

FURTHER UPDATE ~ Rev Doyle Thomas a friend of Marvin's has been in touch with the sad news that Marvin passed away in a boating accident in 1999. I'm grateful to Rev Thomas for the info - but what sad tidings.


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