Don't trade love for money - SOUL KITCHEN 0010

Richard (Jackie) Russell

If Frankie Pighee made my favourite female 45 on the Cleveland label Soul Kitchen then Jackie Russell made my favourite male release. ListenDon't Trade Love For Money is a tuneful ballad really well performed by a pleading Jackie, accompanied by a fine girl chorus, gently brushed drums and some tasteful horn bursts. Jackie sounds pretty cool about his predicament though. The flip is a good uptempo number though without the subtlety of the ballad side.

UPDATE ~ Dante Carfagna has kindly written with a lot more detail on Russell's life and recording. "Jackie Russell who recorded for Soul Kitchen's real name is Richard Russell. He spent some time in Georgia in the late 60s, but is a Cleveland artist through and through. While in Columbus, Georgia, he managed to release two records on Double R. Upon returning to Cleveland, he didn't do much recording, opting to run a carpeting business instead. He had one final record in the mid-80s for "Only One" as Rick Rusell. Russell was in his late teens when he cut "Don't Trade Love." His voice certainly sounds beyond his years." Dante is certainly right about that and no mistake!

Wish you were here - KASHE 444The slow heartfelt ListenWish You Were Here (written, arranged and produced by Russell himself) is further proof of his ability to wring a great deal of emotion out of a song. It is simple in it's contruction - fine organ and good horns set in some nice chord changes - but how much more complex in it's effect. The mark of a class vocalist.



ListenDon't trade love for money / If you don't want me ~ SOUL KITCHEN 0010 (mid 60s) (as JACKIE RUSSELL) (1967)
I loved and I lost / No body can stop me ~ DOUBLE R (7037) (late 60s)
ListenWish you were here / No body can stop me ~ DOUBLE R 803 / KASHE 444 (late 60s)
I wanna lay your carpet / Pt 2 ~ ONLY ONE 8510 (1985) (as RICK RUSSELL)



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