Roc-Kays Band

The Roc-Kays Band came from Suffolk, VA or thereabouts and recorded their only 45 at Studio Centre in nearby Norfolk. The instrumental “Roc-Kays Afro” is good, likeable and energetic funk very much in the African Music Machine vein. As so often with funk releases the other side is a very good deep soul offering. ListenA Love As True As Mine is a tuneful song and the excellent lead vocals give the heartfelt lyric considerable punch. The band’s horn sections lend the arrangement a lot of weight and expression. A rare 45 to watch out for.



ListenA love as true as mine / Roc-Kays afro ~ NAIROBI 2501 (1971)

Note ~ "Roc-Kays Afro" is on the Arcania CD "Ol Virginia Soul Encore". Buy it - the guys who put all the Ol Virginia series are good guys.

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