Susie Raney

Susie Raney was a sassy young high school student when she cut William Bell’s own superb deep wailer ListenYou Hurt So Good, later covered with such distinction by Mitty Collier. Only a few copies of the 45 were ever pressed up and Susie never followed the 45 through with any other sessions. But it remains a cult single – not bad for a disc that was virtually a vanity recording, cut as a favour by Bell at the request of Atlanta’s chief promoter and artist management entrepreneur Henry Wynn. Raney was a friend of Wynn’s daughter and he featured her on one of his Supersonic package tours but she never made music her career.

Susie Rainey You hurt so good - PEACHTREE 105


UPDATE ~ I have just learned of any 45 by Susie Rainey - details now in the discography. All I have to do is find a copy...


ListenYou hurt so good / I’ve had enough ~ PEACHTREE 106
You got to be kind / My private world ~ PEACHTREE 133


Note ~ "You Hurt So Good" can be found on the Grapevine 2000 CD "Atlanta Soul".


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