TREND  1001Charles Smith (2)

The jaunty ListenTell Him That You’re Mine with its typically laid back Crescent City rhythm and memorable hook is a very worthy piece of New Orleans soul. Smith's quite intense vocal is backed up by some lovely harmonies from a trio of girl singers and some well arranged horns courtesy of the ever dependable Wardell Q. Altogether a very tasty package. Recently  “You need education” has found a good few admirers among the dancers. And I’m not surprised thanks to its insistent beat and another strong Smith vocal.

I've featured a couple of other 45s on writer Joe Broussard's (Mr Big Stuff) tiny label Trend already on these pages - by James Winfield and Earl Daniels - and will continue to publcise these classic NOLA 45s as far as time etc will allow.


You need education / ListenTell him that you’re mine ~ TREND 1001 (1966)

Note ~ This Charles Smith is a different artist to the one who made such excellent deep soul for John Richbourg’s 77 label in the early seventies. You can read about this CS here.

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