Just a little more - GOLD EAGLE 1803


Ethel Smith

New York's Gold Eagle label is probably best known for Ted Taylor's fine series of 45s. But the obscure ListenJust A Little Bit More might just be the best track on the label - just listen to the way Ethel delivers this superb ballad. The way she rasps and coarsens the tone on key words is fantastic as is her "delay" sense of timing. The big horn section and tasteful lead guitar runs which parallels bass line make the backing track particularly attractive. The whole sound sticks in the mind like glue - the temptation to play it again is almost irresistible.

Is the Ethel Smith singing gospel on RPM the same artist?



Don't stay away too long / When you need me call me - TEL 1015 (1960)
I haven't had a good night's sleep / ListenJust a little bit more ~ GOLD EAGLE 1803 (1961)



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