Valerie - CHAKA 4563


Joe Sutton

This early 70s release is a strong double sided one. “You Put Me Through Some Changes” is a well structured funk item, full of good things like the rhythm guitar,  busy conga playing and a tasty sax solo, topped off with a good gospel style vocal. The top side ListenValerie is a really fine ballad that starts off with Joe regretting the departure of his woman, but by the time he reaches the chorus he’s apparently suffered some form of breakdown, screaming and crying in desperation. And after a short rap he suffers another seizure which lasts until the end of the song. An extraordinary performance.

UPDATE ~ Ben Cohen kindly writes with info on the original version of Valerie. He says "Valerie by Joe Sutton was a big NY doo-wop with hysterical weeping by jackie/starlites FURY 1960." I'm grateful to Ben for this good info.


ListenValerie / You put me through some changes ~ CHAKA 4563 (early 70s)



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