Mel Starr

This 70s production on the obscure Houston label Tripple Park label is the only release I know by Mel Starr. “Loving On The Outside” is a pounding southern dancer with a rather leaden disco beat, but the flip has a considerably more tasteful feel. ListenThat Means So Much To Me is probably familiar to many via the fine version by the great Z Z Hill on his “Down Home” LP. But Mel’s is the original cut and he certainly gives the soulful melodic number his best shot.



Loving on the outside / ListenThat means so much to me ~ TRIPPLE PARK 001 / FREKO 002 / FREKO 013 (early 1980s?) (Note ~ flip of FREKO 013 is "My baby can")

Thanks to Patrick Biggerstaff for the Freko release details.

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