Mike Stacey

Jalynne was largely a publishing company owned by Carl Davis and Irv Nathan and they had offices in Chicago and Philly. But in addition to songs the company also put out the odd 45 – and looking at the releases from the likes of Sammy Taylor and Joe Tex these must have been leased in rather than made in house. But this great track by the unknown Mike Stacey has Windy City fingerprints all over it. Writing duties are by Major Lance and Otis Leavill, with co-production also by Lance, so it’s a dollar to a cent that it was a Chicago record. But it certainly doesn’t sound like one – the musicians don’t produce that classic mid-60s Chi Town feel at all and those vibes aren’t a standard instrument at all for that city’s music. Sounds more like a Philly disc to me despite appearances.

Anyway Stacey sounds pretty young but he does generate enough grit to satisfy a purist like me and the way he rides the rhythm is right in the pocket. Love the horns of course, and the songs chord changes. So all in all a fine track to listen to and a nice puzzle to solve as well.


ListenNo one cares for me / When Johnny comes marching home ~ JALYNNE 507 (mid 60s)


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