You had your chance - EBONY SOUNDS 003


Mr Shotgun

Could the real name of the menacing Mr Shotgun be L C Roberts the writer of this obscure 45? I don’t know the answer but I do know that this excellent simple tune has a lot going for it – a strong melody, great “churchy” keyboards and deep, gruff vocals from Mr Shotgun.  In fact, a lot of the effectiveness of the disc comes from the delicious contrast between the innocent almost doo-wop feel of the song and the gravelly R & B tones of the singer. The flip is a rather flat blues in the Jimmy Reed manner.

This 45 must have been recorded in the 60s and released before Harvey Posner sold his interest in Newark NJ’s Ebony Sounds. Later on, of course in the early 70s the label became synonymous with the classiest of sweet soul via a string of superb releases by the Soul Generation.

UPDATE ~ Ben Cohen writes with a fascinating theory. He says "I'll bet that "You Had Your Chance" by Mr. Shotgun is actually James Cleveland moonlighting. It was cut in Newark where he recorded for SAVOY records, the organ intro is pure Cleveland, the harmony singing is adult gospel singers. i invite the experts on your team to weigh in." So please do "weigh in" with thoughts. I'm far too ignorant of gospel music t ooffer any opinion.


ListenYou had your chance / Do what I want you to do ~ EBONY SOUNDS 003



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