Ups and downs - COMPASS 7016


Danny Thurston

This would appear to be a one off release by Danny Thurston, but what a good one it is. His well modulated voice on ListenUps And Downs is complemented by a cooing female chorus and a big orchestra. I love his gritty tone particularly when he cuts loose on the refrain and the guitarist plays some good licks too. Another sure fire deep winner.

The presence of Dorian Burton and Abie Baker on the label would indicate a New York recording.

UPDATE ~ Davie Gordon writes to say that Compass was a New York label run by the son (Mickey ?)of Dave Kapp of Decca/Kapp. I've amended the text to take acoount of this info - as ever I'm grateful to Davie for sharing his knowledge.



ListenUps and downs / What was I supposed to do ~ COMPASS 7016 (1967)



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