The love in my heart - MO DO 22627/8


Gerald Trotter

Like Alfred O, Gerald Trotter only had the one 45 on William Nunn’s Buffalo, NY Mo Do label – but it is a 45 that ought to be rather better appreciated than it is. ListenThe Love In My Heart is taken at a dead slow pace, and the simple accompaniment from a rhythm section allow Gerald to stretch out to really good effect. And when the horns arrive in the bridge they make a strong impact.

UPDATE ~ My great friend Greg Burgess has found a reference to a Gerald Trotter from Detroit - his website is here. Can anybody confirm that this artist is indeed the same guy as the Gerald Trotter I feature here?

As ever I'm very grateful to Greg for his sharp eyes.


One more hurt / ListenThe love in my heart ~ MO DO 22627/8 (late 60s)



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