Hersey Taylor

Clarence Carter’s Future Stars label had some very fine southern soul releases like the Willie Johnson, but amongst the pick are these two from the obscure Hersey Taylor. Let Me Make You Happy is a fine ballad from Muscle Shoals with some lovely bluesy guitar fills, nicely balanced by the jaunty beat and good melody of “We’re Gonna Run Out Of Time”. Taylor vocals are very much in Carter’s image – a rich baritone with the occasional gritty burst. “Cut You A Loose” with it’s hint of funk is a classic Alabama early 70s sound, but the other side is the killer track. Ain’t Gonna Share Your Love is an absolutely first class piece of deep soul. A very good song is matched by Taylor’s committed performance and a sensitive arrangement – love that oboe!

Let me make you happy - FUTURE STARS 1001 Ain't Gonna Share Your Love - FUTURE STARS 1003



We're gonna run out of time / Let me make you happy ~ FUTURE STARS 1001 (1974)
Cut you a loose / Ain't gonna share your love ~ FUTURE STARS 1003 (1974)



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