So many ways to die - ROULETTE 7111


Oohna Truth

Oohna opens this lovely piece of New York soul gospel with a tremebdous flourish and continues to develop the theme with some terrific testifying. Lovely guitar touches and fills from Cornell Dupree are the highlight of the accompaniment. The climax to the song is really high drama beautifully handled by all concerned. Sadly this was the only 45 from a talented lady.



ListenSo many ways to die / If it feel good do it ~ ROULETTE 7111 (1971)


Note ~ Pete Nickols writes to say that "both sides of the lone Oohna Truth single appeared on "Here Come The Girls Vol.5 - Sisters From The City" on Sequel UK NEMCD 675". Thanks as ever Pete. Bob Abrahamian writes to say that "So Many Ways To Die" was also recorded by Barbara Jean English - it was the title track of her first Alithia LP.


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