If we could start all over - MELIC 001

Those Two

What a lovely slice of melodic West Coast soul ListenIf We Could Start All Over is from this duo. Arranger Arthur “Sleepy” Wright mixes horns, strings, piano and vibes in a fine combination while the two singers come in with clear harmonies and a righteous lead. Could they be Messrs Redman & Campbell the writers?

UPDATE ~ Gary Myers has wrriten to confirm that the singers are indeed Mssers Redman & Campbell. He says - "Lovelace Redman (I think it was supposed to be Redmond) & Carl Campbell were previously 1/2 of the Supremes Four, a Milwaukee group covered in my book, "On That Wisconsin Beat"'. He adds - "As you may know,Lee Young, who produced that "Those Two" 45, was a drummer and the brother of jazz great Lester Young. Lee died several years ago." I'm grateful to Gary for addingthis info - you can find his books here.



ListenIf we could start all over / I can't treat her bad ~ MELIC 001 (early 70s)



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