Thrilling Dynamics

Judging by the rther grainy snapshot on the picture sleeve of their 45, the Thrilling Dynamics were a self contained nine piece aggregation. Their Valise release, based in Gadsen, AL, had answer to Arthur Conley’s “Sweet Soul Music” on one side and a fine deep ballad on the flip. ListenWe Belong Together starts quietly before the male/female duetting vocalists get into the groove. The interplay between the voices and the horns works really well, and the dead slow beat creates an almost hypnotic feel to the track.

UPDATE ~ Mike Cassidy has kindly wriiten in with a link to some info on the lead singer of the Thrilling Dynamics -who turns out to be none other than Bill Avery. Avery had at least one 45 under his own name for Dee Brown of Dee & Lola :-

Nine pound steel / Oe oe oewee baby (BIG DEE 22) (1970s)

You can read more about Bill Avery here.

I'm very grateful to Mike for his excellent sleuthing.

NEW UPDATE ~ Bob Abrahamian writes with details of 2 further Bill Avery 45s. They are:-

Big Dee 2381982 - Hey Girl / inst.
Big Dee 1630 - Disco Fever / pt. 2

Bob comments that "'Hey Girl' is nice sweet soul with a backing group. It's also the rarest one." I'm grateful to Bob as always.

I've also heard from Ben Cohen who points out - quite correctly - that "We Belong Together" is the same song as the one by Dee & Lola. The link between the songs is of course Dee Brown who owned the Big Dee labe lthat has these Bill Avery 45s on it. Thanks to Ben for making the fine connection.


I like sweet soul music / ListenWe belong together ~ VALISE 8061 (1967)


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