Jimmy Vick

CHERRY 7888Hartford, Conn is not the first place anybody would look for deep soul recordings, but that is where this little gem was cut. As far as I know this 45 is the only recording made by Jimmy Vick and the Victors and both sides have their merits. The fiery “Take A Trip” with its great call and response opening has found favour on the dance floors over the last few years which has led to a bootleg being pressed in 2013. Fortunately the wretched bootleggers had the sense to include the impassioned deep blues ballad on the flip. This bluesy number has long been a fave of mine, thanks to the tasteful lead guitar and most especially Jimmy’s wailing and screaming on top of the small band accompaniment.


Take a trip / ListenI need someone ~ CHERRY 7888 (mid 60s?)


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