Lee Wilson

The obscure Lee Wilson came from Huntsville, AL but made his only record at Neil Hemphill’s famous Birmingham studios. The uptempo “Knock In For A Second Chance” is pretty good southern soul but the other side ListenYes has a peculiar charm all its own. First of all its way out tune, the performance of the Birmingham Rhythm section is pretty shambolic and the moog synth is far too much in front of the horns. And yet and yet…Wilson has an appealing tenor voice which is helped by the very strong echo put on it, the song has a good structure and somehow it all seems to work, but it does need a few plays.



Knock in for a second chance / ListenYes ~ BLACK KAT 176297 (1977)

Notes ~

1. “Knock in for a second chance” can be found on the Rabbit Factory CD “The Birmingham Sound Vol 2”. Please support the valiant efforts of John Ciba to bring Neil Hemphill’s music to a wider audience by buying this – and all the other Rabbit Factory products.

2. The Lee Wilson who recorded for USA would seem to be a different artist.

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