Maxine Womack

I’m not aware that West Coast singer Maxine Womack was related to the famous Womack clan, but she was a fine performer even so. She recorded three strong 45s for the interlinked Tack and Magnum concerns. Her initial release was the fine string laden ListenHello Lover - Goodbye produced by Romeo Taylor, whose Me-O label has featured here with tracks by Richard Wright and Joey Dees. Ms Womack sings strong and true here, with some very nice gospel touches and tasteful delay timing.

Her remaining tracks were produced by Maurice Tucker, and although neither side of the rare and expensive Tack 1561 don’t do much for me, I can see how the funky blues of “One Step At A Time” has attracted some attention. However the previous release does contain ListenDon’t Touch Me which is without doubt her best track. This lovely blues ballad is given a great treatment by Tucker, and Maxine really does give it her all – emotive and really compelling she really does raise some sand. Superb! This side, as well as the uptempo “Tweet Tweet Tweet” were written by Teddy Edwards. Since the Tack version of this 45 has a matrix number starting with “MA” I’m presuming the Magnum was the first issue.



ListenHello lover – goodbye / When you’re through ~ MAGNUM 730
ListenDon’t touch me / Tweet tweet tweet ~ MAGNUM 740 / TACK 840
What’cha gon-na do / One step at a time ~ TACK 1561


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