Ruben Warren

Ruben Warren recorded a couple of 45s for Andy Williamson who ran a few labels from his Compton, CA base in the early 60s. ListenJuly is a slow R & B ballad with more than a hint of doo wop to it. Not bad at all but not in the same league as ListenYou Are The One which is very similar in style but on which his subtle vocal skills are much better displayed. In the company of an unnamed second singer, and over a simple rhythm section Warren shows a lovely sense of timing and although he is singing relatively quietly you can sense the power there. You gotta love the couple of "ha ha"s half way through as well. One that grows and grows.

UPDATE ~ Cies writes to say that "he was also a member of the gospel groups the Zion Travelers, the Spiritual Travelers, and the Spiritual Chords. The three groups had more or less the same members. The Zion Travelers recorded on Excell (45 and one album), Spiritual Travelers had 2 45s on Excell and the Spiritual Chords had one 45 on Imco and one on Excell."

You are the one - EXCELL 569 July - IMCO 115



ListenYou are the one / Your love ~ EXCELL 569 (early 60s)
ListenJuly / That same monkey ~ IMCO 115(early 60s)


I'm grateful to Cies for this extra info on a very good singer.


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